New mom must haves

I bought way too much for my baby...
Here is the list of the things I would say I needed.... In the first three months. 

1. Bottles and breastpump. For those who are using formula, bottles are obviously a must. I have only breastfed my baby but since we travel a lot. I posed milk and used a bottle too!

2 blankets!!!!! I got so many blankets as gifts and I thought what in the world will I do with this many blankets! But I used them all.

3. Onesies with mitts. These were crucial the first few months! Babies have sharp nails even when they are trimmed and these keep your cutie from scratching their face off. I didn't use any onesies without mitts the first month. The actual mitts you buy separately just fall off. 

4. Gripe water. This was a lifesaver for me. Babies digestive systems are still maturing when they are under 6 months so its easy for them to get gas or tummy aches. Gripe water is natural and homeopathic and helped baby Jase with tummy troubles on a number of occasions. 

5. (If breastfeeding) a nursing cover... These make nursing in public a breeze

6. Carseat- this is an obvious must because you won't be able to leave the hospital without one. 

7. Baby carrier- I personally use nuroo baby shirt. It has been a life saver for me. Baby Jase wants to cuddle ALL the time. So when I put him in this shirt he feels like he's back in the womb and cuddled up right next to my heartbeat. He falls asleep right away and will sometimes sleep four hours in it. 

8. Nasal aspirator. Yes they have bulb syringes to get boogies out but these work 1,000 times better and are worth the $. We used ours every day and still do. 

9. A sound machine or app. I use the white noise app. Just turn your phone on airplane mode though so radiation is off :) these things are awesome to soothe an anxious or fussy baby. 

10. A diaper bag. Originally I didn't think we really needed one. I figured I could use a purse or backpack but I'm so glad my grandma got me one because it is perfectly designed for baby gear! And it has come in real handy. 

11. Diapers/ wipes- obviously a must have. We use seventh generation because they are chemical free. 

12. Calendula salve... This is amazing!!! We put it on our baby's bottom after ever wet or dirty diaper and he hasn't ever had diaper rash or an irritated bum. 

13. Socks... Baby socks are always needed to keep little feet warm. They fall off easily though and the only ones that stayed on were Carter's brand from target. 

14. The miracle swaddler... It really does work way better than any other type of swaddle blanket. It's the only one ill ever use. Baby Jase no longer cares to be swaddled but in the first few months he slept great in it. 

15. (If breastfeeding) Nipple shield. I use medela contact nipple shield. If you ever are in pain just put that baby on :)

16. Medela sanitizing microwave bags- these are so handy for sanitizing anything and everything. In just two minutes!

17. A place for baby to sleep- I don't agree with letting babies cry it out so this is more of an experimental thing in my opinion. When I was a baby my mom said I slept in my crib right through the night from day one with no crying. If that's your baby I would say keep the crib! If you want your baby closer, a cradle or co sleeper next to the bed works! This is what I tried, but baby Jase wanted to be even closer than that. He wanted to be in bed with us. That's where he was happy so that's where we have him. He's three and a half months now and is in our bed still but he's sleeping up to 8 hours a night now!

18. A baby wash- because babies have sensitive skin it is good to use a natural wash or one designed for babies. We use the same thing we use on our bodies, zum bar soap goats milk. 

These are the essentials for me. But all babies are different. Some babies don't like certain things and others do. 

Here are some things that might come in handy the first few months. A swing, pacifier, stroller, bouncy chair, mobile, burp rags, monitor, to name a few. These weren't essentials for us but they could be for you. 

What were your baby essentials?


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