Hair tutorial: Victoria's Secret hair

Doing your hair is a great way to bring attention away from your body and to your face instead! 
I enjoy trying new hairstyles and I get asked a lot to share how I do my hair so here it goes :)

Big Victoria's Secret hair. 

If you are like me and have super straight ahair then this hair tutorial will be great for you if you want to change it up and get huge curly hair!  This is how my hair (above) was fixed for the VS fashion show when I was in it but I had TONS of hair extensions in and this (below) is my natural hair now. So many girls asked how to get their hair like mine was in the show though so this is how it was done! 

Start with just out if the shower hair!

1. Start with a texturizing spray. My favorite to use is a beachy salt spray. Like aquage sea salt spray. 
2. Volume your roots! Use your favorite whether its a mousse or a spray. Whatever works best for your hair. I've tried a lot and some don't work as well in my texture hair than what does for others. So pick your favorite and apply to the roots. 

3. Blow dry your hair. No need to use a round brush or anything since you will be curling it. 

4. Pin up all your hair but the bottom layers. Start at the bottom. The size of curling iron or wand you use is super important to get this type of curl. I always thought to get this type of curl I would use a medium iron but the iron to use is really small. You will use a 3/4" iron or wand. I used my NuMe Titan 3 curling wand in the 3/4". 
The NuMe curling wand is by far my favorite thing to use to curl my hair. It works really well and holds the curl great! I got mine on a huge discount by googling a coupon for it. I prefer wands over irons because you can get closer to your roots. If you only have an iron then leave the clamp closed and wrap your hair down it like you would a wand. I took really small sections of my hair to curl... The smaller the sections, the more curls you will get. Start at the roots and spiral your hair down the wand until you get to the bottom. Hold it for a few seconds or however long you need with your particular iron or wand. The Nume gets up to 200 degrees so I only hold it for 1 second. Continue around your head changing the direction of the curl as you go. After you are done with the bottom take another layer of hair down and curl it... Continue to do this until you have made it to the top layer of your hair. Once you are at the top you will want to start curling away from your face. So when you get to the top layer on each side of your face you will wrap the hair away from your face around the iron. When I do the top of my hair I curl even smaller sections than the rest for more volume. 

5. When you are done curling all of your hair flip your head over and lightly most with your favorite hairspray. Aerosols work best in my opinion. 

6. Flip your head back up and part down the middle or to the side. At the VS fashion show they parted it down the middle but I think you should choose whatever works best for your face. 

7. (Optional) if you want the VS hair then brush out your curls. If you want the curls in my other pics then leave your hair. I don't brush mine out the first day and then I do on the 2nd day :)

8. Smile! You are done! I hope you love your curls! 

If you try out this tutorial hashtag a pic of it to me on Instagram or twitter. #imnoangelblog

PS I would highly recommend getting the NuMe 3 Titan wands because they can replace all of your curling irons and they will last forever!! Also the curls are tighter and last longer than with a regular iron. It is worth saving up for or selling some stuff on eBay and getting! It is awesome. If you do don't forget to look up a coupon code! 


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for the tips! I just finished reading your book and I loved it. Thank you so much!

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  3. Hi, Kylie! I just ordered the NuMe wand and got it for next to nothing thanks to your coupon tip! I hope it will make my hair look like yours! Thanks so much! :)


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